“It's an AWESOME instrument overall I have to say with top notch quality crafting and construction.


- Amazingly precise tuning all the way of the neck up to highest notes. 

- Even not being a solid body guitar it keeps a high level of sustain that is not usual in other instruments with the same construction concept.

- The fingerboard is like the railway for bullet trains: it just slides precisely and freely. It's a highlight point of the guitar in my opinion.

- Choice of pickups are perfect (even if that's a matter of taste).

- Balance and handling just got me!"

-- A.G.

" She made it here safe and sound. And she is AMAZING!

It is far, far better than I could've ever hoped, and I could not be happier!

The neck shape and fretwork are unfathomably good, and that tailpiece... a total work of art!!

I can't thank you guys enough. I feel privileged to get to play it, let alone own it.

Thanks for doing what you do, and please know that I truly appreciate the time, talent, and passion that you pour into your craft. It's quite frankly amazing, and you have a fan for life!"

— M.S.

“ Humbled. Just...wow "

"It’s just amazing. Even better than I could have expected. And I expected a whole lot. Thank you Kate and please thank Mark for me. You guys have been great to deal with and it has been a pleasure."

— S.T.  

“It's got some serious tone and clarity! And the FEEL!  I could go on forever about how it feels!”

"This guitar is truly terrific! I remember reading that it feels ‘played in’, and not quite knowing what that means, until now. 
Everything about it, the size, the color, the smell even, is truly intoxicating. Every time I pass my studio and happen to see it, I have to pick it up, it just demands it! 

— N.P.  


“The Lemans is just beautiful !”

"The neck is perfect and just spot on to my expectations. A splendide instrument that screams rock’n’roll. I’m stunned, again. Many many thanks."

— G.G. 

“And what a beauty it is.”

"Dear Kate & Mark
I'll play this guitar forever, thank you so much for everything. 
Sounds incredible plays fantastic, feels like no other guitar I have... Speak soon, eternal thanks, keep up the good work"

— R.A.