A BlackTop McQueen with block inlays and natural back/sides/neck.

I had a good friend in LA who needed a LP style guitar 'cos he was auditioning for a band that insisted he use one. He was not interested in buying one- and I was never going to make a maple-capped guitar, but it was an interesting opportunity. So, I set out to try to come up with something that he I and could both live with.
I decided the basic sound elements had to be there..  mahogany body & neck, eastern maple cap, TOM bridge and stud tail, humbuckers, and the same control layout as the classic.  Of course I had to screw with the look, so I incorporated an old design of mine and melded it with the basic LP shape, adding a 6-in-line headstock just to enrage the purists.  (I'm like that.)  And surprisingly..  it worked!  
The McQueen is not a carbon copy of the originals, but it sounds quite a bit like them when the right pickups are used.  It's a smaller, more focused sound, which is great for playing blistering solos and low register riffs.  Because you're essentially 'muting' the guitar by laminating it, the result is often a less resonant, more controllable sound.  I added tone chambers to my design, because I wanted a touch more resonance than I was getting, but it's still a very recognizable sound.  

Not available in transparent teal.       
-Mark Fuqua, 2013

© Kate Fuqua 2013