-Mark makes aound 20 guitars a year. They take 100-150 active hours over several months time.

-The current wait time from order to delivery is 16 months.

-We take 50% down to secure an order and accept payment using VISA, MC, AMEX, bank transfers, PayPal, international bank wires; and by check. Please check the Payment Options page for more info.

- Price Sheet

-Mark reserves the right to say no to any non-standard finish and hardware requests. MotorAve Guitars have a style and are meant to fit together as a body of work over time. While we are happy to consider special requests, we do have a "Not An Option" list for this reason.

-We do not have guitars set aside for promotional purposes. We have bartered, and one was stolen… but that's it. Every guitar represents weeks and weeks of work- not to mention how much they cost us to make $$$$ Please do not ask Mark to give you one of his guitars. We know that they are expensive- but we cannot afford to make them for less. Economies of scale in action!

- We prefer to deal directly with our customers. For folks that have a relationship with Destroy All Guitars- we are happy to accept orders through them. Destroy All Guitars is our only authorized dealer.

-We ship all over the world! Over the years we have sent MotorAve guitars to Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Thailand, Sweden, and the UK. We look forward to adding many more countries to this list.

-Mark Fuqua does all of the work on the guitars by himself. From making and carving the bodies and necks, cutting and slotting his own fingerboards, inlays, fret work, paint, and set-up; to making all of the custom aluminum parts (tailpieces, pick guards, truss rod covers, control plates, etc). 

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