Finished Guitars- December 2013


BelAire #91- TV yellow with block inlays, a MotorAve Trapeze tailpiece, and Wolfetone humbuckers.

This week Mark finished two guitars that have been on order for more than two years. There are only a few more of these backordered guitars to go before we're all caught up. Mark and I both appreciate the patience that these customers have had with us filling thier orders. In the last few years we have learned a lot about timing and how to stagger our orders so that we never have to work under water again.

Finishing 2 guitars in one week is not a normal weeks work. With 20 or less produced a year- there are very few opportunities for group photos. 


McQueen Special #97- The photos of this natural finished korina guitar suffer from poor lighting. It was rainy and dark earlier this week when we shipped this rock n roll machine. You can tell from the photo above how I depend on natural light for my product photography.

First Post

I just published the new website and I feel pretty good about it. As I write, Mark is finding typos and checking it out for the first time. Revisions in progress.


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